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As a local provider of hunting and fishing supplies, we take pride in offering the latest and most innovative products at the most competitive rates possible. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day, and happy to provide products that we stand behind and use personally.

Opening recently in 2013,Rack N Gill Outdoors is actively searching for new and innovative products to add to our line up. We believe in the products that we carry, and would love for yours to be the next addition to our ever growing line.

Meet the Rack N Gill Team:


Greg:  Born and raised in Middletown, Oh, Greg found his passion for the outdoors young, in the form of fishing.  From age 3 Greg was an avid fishermen.  In his early 20's he began to unearth his drive to be in the woods and soon was also an avid deer and turkey hunter. With the addition of two boys to the family, this allowed for Greg to pass his love for the outdoors along.  Over the past years, Greg, Tyler, and Brandon have continued to grow and bond through their shared love in the form of the outdoors.


Tyler:  At just 23 years old, Tyler was exposed to the outdoors from a very young age.  He quickly found his passion in the hunting and fishing worlds, and is often found spending time in the woods any opportunity he has.  Tyler has combined this passion with his career in real estate, as a team member with Southern Ohio Properties and Comey and Shepherd REALTORS.  Tyler's and his team specialize in real estate throughout southern Ohio, often for outdoorsmen and their families.


Brandon: While he loves to both hunt and fish, Brandon is often seen as the most competitive fisherman in the family.  When the weather allows he can often be found on the bass boat or floating down a local water way.  Come hunting season he also makes it a point to find time in the woods when he can.

Brandon, Greg, and Tyler (left to right) on a recent trip to Outer Banks, NC


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